We make it easy to monitor and measure indicators to achieve greater and better social impact.

RALLUS is a web application and Google Play for monitoring social projects that will allow you to collect information and measure results and impacts more efficiently, contributing to decision-making more quickly and focusing efforts on what is really important, the positive impact of your development project.


RALLUS is a self-administered system. Its design and usability will allow you to navigate it easily. If you need it, you have technical support included in our plans. And in case your organization requires it, we offer consulting for the implementation of the RALLUS system and we also make customizations to adapt it to your specific needs.


Configure your indicator system according to your needs, no matter the number of indicators or their characteristics, Rallus will allow you to track them and automate the monitoring and control processes.


Optimize the analysis of information immediately after collecting data in the field with the participants of your project. Create attendance lists with a few clicks and generate automatic reports to share with your team or your collaborators.

Collect information in the field

Through the RALLUS app you can create dynamic forms to collect information in the field about the beneficiaries of your project, through a tablet or smartphone, both offline and online. This will allow you to reduce costs and greater efficiency.

Monitor indicators and analyze in real time.

The data is analyzed immediately after loading, to update the status of the indicators of your projects in real time, through dashboards that you can configure as you wish.

View results and generate reports quickly and efficiently

In a few clicks, generate reports to share with your work team, with the board of directors of your organization or with funding organizations.

Rallus contributes to your organization performing monitoring processes and generating reports more efficiently.

Some of our customers

Opinions about Rallus

“The customization of the RALLUS system for our organization meant a qualitative leap in knowledge management and monitoring of all our projects.”

Rafael Fajardo
 M&E Manager – PLAN International (Colombia)

“RALLUS has allowed to collect data in the field and manage the information in a much more efficient and friendly way. It has also made the preparation of reports to our stakeholders much easier.”

Juan David Galeano

Coordinator – Programa ‘Aprender Jugando’ (Colombia):